Rubber Soles

Size Guide

These thin Vibram soles in tan rubber are perfect for any walking baby. It is flexible but grippy, and provides additional protection when walking outside, and is perfect for all surfaces! It can be added to any shoe.

You can either add this product to your cart and indicate in the notes which shoes you would like them added to, or you can add rubber soles to any shoes by checking the Rubber Soles box on any product page before adding that product to your cart. Price change and rubber soles will show upon check out.


Our sizing goes by inches of your baby's foot, NOT by traditional sizes! Please measure your baby's foot from heel to big toe and order the size closest to that measurement.

When all else fails, you are almost right every time just by ordering by your child's age. :) Our sizing chart goes as follows:

Size:            Typical age/Finished Length:

1                  0-3 months - 3.5 Inches

2                  3-6 months - 4"

3                  6-12 months - 4.5"

4                  12-18 months - 5"

5                  18-24 months - 5.5"                                      

6                   2 T - 6"                                        

7                   3 T - 6.5"                                      

8                   4 T - 7"