How are my shoes made?

Your shoes are handmade with 100% genuine leather in the USA. We are proud to say that each pair is hand traced, hand cut, and home sewn! Because each shoe is made with leather, each hide may vary slightly in coloring based on how the hide was treated.

When will I receive my shoes?

The turnaround time changes based on how many orders we have received. Each shoe is made in the order received. Our current turnaround time is 1-2 weeks from order received to shipping.

What is your return policy?

Since each pair is handmade, we strongly encourage you to measure your child's foot and make sure you check our sizing page. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your shoes. Shoes must be exchanged unworn in original packaging.

Please contact lizziehomemade@gmail.com for further questions.

How do I clean my moccasins?

We find that the best way to clean the leather is with a soft cloth using a little soap and warm water. Do not soak the leather, but gently wipe it clean.

Can I rush my order?

We no longer offer a paid guaranteed rush.




Our sizing goes by inches of your baby's foot, NOT by traditional sizes! Please measure your baby's foot from heel to big toe and order the size closest to that measurement.

When all else fails, you are almost right every time just by ordering by your child's age. :) Our sizing chart goes as follows:

Size:            Typical age/Finished Length:

1                  0-3 months - 3.5 Inches

2                  3-6 months - 4"

3                  6-12 months - 4.5"

4                  12-18 months - 5"

5                  18-24 months - 5.5"                                      

6                   2 T - 6"                                        

7                   3 T - 6.5"                                      

8                   4 T - 7"