Libby’s Story

Libby and Sam knew when they got married they wanted children as soon as God would send them. They started trying right away. After 2 years of trying on their own with no luck, they decided to see a specialist and get some help. After having a consultation and a test to see if Libby’s Fallopian tubes were clear, they got pregnant. They were so excited! All ultrasounds looked great as they watched their little one grow. One night, 13 weeks into the pregnancy, Libby woke up with abdominal pains. She had miscarried and delivered her baby that night.

The ER doctors and their OBGYN told them that one in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. They were told that this was most likely a fluke and they could try again right away. Heartbroken, they moved on and tried again. After 7 months of trying and with the help of medication they were able to get pregnant again. This time they were more apprehensive about sharing the news. All tests and ultrasounds looked good. They saw and heard the heartbeat, and were able to see the baby move in ultrasounds. Things were progressing, Libby started to show and they were so excited. At 17 weeks they were told that it would be unlikely at this point to miscarry. Feeling confident they announced they were expecting!! After announcing at 18 weeks, Libby again woke up with abdominal pain. Sam rushed her to the hospital where her water broke and doctors were not able to find the baby’s heartbeat. She delivered their second baby boy the next morning.


Since that time they have met with specialists from multiple hospitals, had countless tests, MRI’s, scans, shots, surgeries and procedures. They’ve tried several rounds of IUI that were each unsuccessful. Their fertility doctor has recommended IVF with genetic testing to ensure them the best possibility of conceiving and carrying a baby full term. Sam and Libby, along with friends and family, are praying to be blessed with a rainbow baby. 




Our sizing goes by inches of your baby's foot, NOT by traditional sizes! Please measure your baby's foot from heel to big toe and order the size closest to that measurement.

When all else fails, you are almost right every time just by ordering by your child's age. :) Our sizing chart goes as follows:

Size:            Typical age/Finished Length:

1                  0-3 months - 3.5 Inches

2                  3-6 months - 4"

3                  6-12 months - 4.5"

4                  12-18 months - 5"

5                  18-24 months - 5.5"                                      

6                   2 T - 6"                                        

7                   3 T - 6.5"                                      

8                   4 T - 7"