Size 1 White Sidebow Moccasins

Size Guide

Welcome to Lizzie's Spring Cleaning Sale!

You are about to score big time!!

These are a size one and have a finished sole of 3.5" and are typical for 0-3 months

All sales are final. Pictured is the actual pair you are purchasing. The leather hides vary in texture of smooth or bumpy and each pair of shoes is different. These shoes are wrong orders, sample pairs, or photo shoot pairs worn once.

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Our sizing goes by inches of your baby's foot, NOT by traditional sizes! Please measure your baby's foot from heel to big toe and order the size closest to that measurement.

When all else fails, you are almost right every time just by ordering by your child's age. :) Our sizing chart goes as follows:

Size:            Typical age/Finished Length:

1                  0-3 months - 3.5 Inches

2                  3-6 months - 4"

3                  6-12 months - 4.5"

4                  12-18 months - 5"

5                  18-24 months - 5.5"                                      

6                   2 T - 6"                                        

7                   3 T - 6.5"                                      

8                   4 T - 7"